• Built over the latest javascript technology stack
  • Scalable Secure and latest development trends
  • Complete source code shared (dev + prod)
  • Generate production version of code with ease
  • Client and Server are detached and independent
  • Customize it to any form you want
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Suitable for both Website and Mobile App!

This all javascript solution can easily be converted into hybrid mobile apps which will be compatible with both Android and IOS without need for 2 separate software developments


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Arial Shop


Arialshop - Progressive eCommerce Web App with Offline Support.

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Matarial Shop


Material Shop - Material Designed Shopping Cart Using AngularJS.

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ShopNx - Angular5 Single Page Shopping Cart Application.

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Deploy to heroku:

Arialshop - The progressive ecommerce app

Arialshop Installation instructions :

Progressive Single Page eComm.. App Using VueJS

Material CRUD Mongo :

Create new CRUD from database

Steps to create a new static page -

Material CRUD Mongo - Codecanyon

Material Shop :

Installation guide under 2 minutes

How to install CRUD Table script :


How to install ShopNx :

Shopping Cart (Single Page Web Application)

The Technology

All apps has been developed using open source softwares.

NodeJS - Used for server side scripting.

MongoDB – The document based No-SQL database.

VueJS – The Progressive JavaScript Framework.

Angular 5- The most popular and scalable javascript framework.

AngularJS - Angular 1 - Superheroic JavaScript MVW Framework.

Bootstrap – Fron-end framework for responsive design.

jQuery - Javascript library for some animation and UI improvements.

OAuth - Login System with Facebook, Google, Github & Linkedin.

HTML5 & CSS3 – Used for user interface design.

ReST API – ReST API based backend

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