Our team works mainly with bare metal servers when building cloud architectures. Also, we can build over AWS, GCP, Azure, DigitalOcean, Vultr.


As we have completed different development projects over the years, it is safe to say we are comfortable working with any database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Elastic Search, and Redis. A database used on each project depends on your demands, technical aspects of an app, and the setup of the architecture. Among all these databases, we are more comfortable with MongoDB as it is the most frequently used and reliable performer. Other services that are related to MongoDB are also useful as they make database management and configuration easier.



The first part of creating a web application is the discovery phase. This process has different levels and scenarios. For clients who build every feature by themselves from scratch, our job is to analyze the entire project while considering future goals. Another scenario is where we create a separate team that is solely dedicated to analyzing the infrastructure, architecture of an app, code, and deployment approach. Sometimes we may need to extend the team of web developers so that examining pipelines and other aspects of app development become easier. This phase is also about creating a roadmap that works as a guide for future goals!


If your business needs help with UI/UX design, we can help you with this task. Our custom web application development company has a design team that is fully dedicated to assisting you. This involves various steps — from basic research to design system creation and high-fidelity clickable prototypes. Our approach to designing web apps is customer-centric, which means that it can be modified if there is a need to do so. Go to the UI/UX design for more information about our design approach.


To provide quality web application development services it is highly important for our developers to understand the scope of the project. Thus the next step is DevOps. This phase is all about setting up the right architecture for an application that will allow it to be both scalable and secure. During the DevOps phase, we apply certified cloud architects and CTO. These steps help us to efficiently meet the goals for each project while spending less time and money. For more details, check out our expertise in the cloud.


The next step in creating web app development services focuses on backend and frontend development primarily. The backend development stage requires the integrating of 3rd-party server-side solutions and APIs. Our engineers can also integrate cloud services into your web app for increased performance and storage. Our experts focus their efforts on refactoring the existing backend without disrupting the front-end development process flow. While the team works on the backend, the frontend developers have time to work properly with an API endpoint structure. They also focus their efforts on providing scalable assets that perform seamlessly on a wide range of devices and platforms. As a web application development company, we rely on agile development practices to produce the best apps. Simultaneously, we maintain clear communication between the teams working on the project to ensure that every team member is on board with the project progress. We also test every project at every development stage and address loopholes as soon as they occur. This organizational system helps us to maintain a high level of quality. If you are interested in our SDLC processes for developing web applications, find out more.


We develop iOS and Android applications using Swift, Objective-C, Java, Kotlin, and React Native. Being experts in Firebase, we pay great attention to the latest DB technologies to implement a full scope of real-time and offline features.

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