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Get 100+ premium features out of the box with litekart's integrated onetime pricing

The Next Generation of Commerce

Our platform allows users to get started selling within minutes. Featuring a complete e-commerce store designed for products and services with tons of free and exciting features.

Powerfull search

Leveraging the power of elastic search technology, we achieve the exact match of the searched product, giving user the ease to use and enlightment.


Facets helps to filter the search results further in the product listing/search/category page to narrow down the results. Facets can be based upon price range, brand, size, category, colors, key features.

Product details

The Customers can click on a particular product and navigate to the product page to view complete display of the product, along with descriptions, offers and discounts that are applied to that product, and so on.


Customers have option to add a product to Wishlist for later purchase


100% Search Engine Friendly URLs, Google SiteMap support.

Marketing & Promotions

Catalog Promotional Pricing by percentage or fixed amount with ability to restrict to stores, categories, Products

Catalogue Browsing

Multiple images for products, options for extensive reviews, wishlists and much more.

Catalog Management

Inventory management, batch import and export of products, additional product attributes.

Customer Accounts

Order status and history, e-mail for products in the wishlist.

Analytics & Reporting

The script is integrated with Google Analytics and offers many different reports.

Customer Service

Enhanced features for customers' accounts, Contact Us form, comprehensive order tracking and history, customizable order e-mails.

Shipping Options

Option of free shipping, standard shipping, cart total based shipping

Order Management

Create orders through admin area, create multiple invoices shipments and credit memos, call center order creation option.

PWA for eCommerce

The future of mobile apps is here

Platform agnostic

With all major modules separated, we have the power of choosing any API, any Store Front, any No-SQL database, any image processing service, any API


Product Search

With help of elastic seach, the searching speed is improves by 5x

Category Listing

Along with seach functionality, users have an option to browse products based on categories

Product Detail Page

Product details page is high SEO capable + has ability for html content + features + highlights + discounted pricing

Javascript Cart

Add to cart is realtime with interation animations

Payment Gateways

Integrate any payment gateway into the API with little customizations

Single Page Checkout

Cart Summary, Address Input, Payment options all in a single page

Authentication & Authorization

We have both phone + email based authentication as well as authorization architecture with hierarchy

Manage Products

Product details + stock can be managed by store manager

Email Notifications

There is an option to send email notifications with order details


Through Store Admin settings store information can be controlled

Printable Invoice

Every order generates an invoice which is temlate based

Related Products

An API endpoint for products based on 1 referenced product

Dashboards & Analytics

Store Dashboard which is accesed by admin have option for customizable reports

Sales Management

Orders processing dashboard with complete details about that order + Option to create order from Admin Panel

Customers Management

Customer details can be viewed, edited, exported


All static assets are served over CDN for faster content delivery

Image Optimizations

All images are optimized on the fly with microservice based image optimizations

Lazy Loading

Listing page images are lazy loaded to present a instant loading experience

Page Preloading

Preloader are enable automatically whenever there is a network response delay


Store front and Store admin has some user interation animation which ads to user experience

Multi Level Categories

We can nest categories upto 4 levels


Megamenu can be enalbed for a store with multi level category

CMS Pages

You can create unlimited number of static pages for the eCommerce store


Store banners can be uploaded directly from admin panel. There are 5 types of banners available for store front


Sizechart can be uploaded against a particular product or category or brand

Brand Management

There is a master repository for brands. Store manager has option to attach brand to a product

Email Templates

Email Templates are completely customizable from store admin panel

Auto send invoice through emails

There is an option to automatically email invoice whenever an order is placed, or invoice is requested by user

Ratings & Reviews

Rating and Reviews have moderation option too

Promotions (Cart & Product)

There are both Cart and Product promotions options


Wishlist can be enalbed if a store admin wish so

Product Option Based Price

In certain cases product price varies based on size, hence this requirement is already taken care of

Multiple Delivery Address

All users address are stored and during checkout it is presented for selection

Social login

Litekart has an option of Social login using Google, Facebook, Twitter, Github

Server rendered (Univarsal)

The complete website is server rendered. Hence we get great speed, low memory requirement, high SEO score

Reports & Analytics

Sales Report, Abandoned Cart, Best Purchased Products, Product Reviews

Abandonned Carts

We keep all cart activity in a database, may that be not loggedin users, later we can send promotional emails using this data

Featured Products

Store manager has an option to feature a product at home page to push sell

Recently Viewed Products

This sections displays the product browsing history of a customer

Related Products

When an customer browse a product, the system selects similar product and displays it bellow that products details

Best Viewed Products Report

We keep track of each product views. This report selects products for which customers shown interest the most


Easily deploy SSL certificates for your store adding more security and customer confidence

SMS & Email Notifications for orders

Both SMS and Email options are fully configurable, you can create your own SMS and Email templates

Contact Us form

The Litekart has inbuild contact us form which collects user queries into system for later review

Import and Export of catalog

Users, Orders, Catalog can be imported into the database and the export option helps to easily take out and study the performance of a group of products

Simple, Configurable (e.g. size, color, etc.) and Grouped Products

A product can be Simple product, without variations or with combinations like different sizes. There is also an option to group products based on color

Reviews Moderation

Reviews and Ratings has option for direct publish or publish after moderation

Multiple Images Per Product

You can upload multiple image against a single product + Option to upload different image for each variant/option

Inventory Management

Stock is automatically updated on item receipt and when order is placed

Product sharing option

From product details page, it can be directly shared through social websites

Social media optimized

Layered / Faceted Navigation for filtering of products in categories

Along with powerful seach option, the search results can be further narrowed down using facets


Automated breadcrumbs for all pages

Product moderation

Option to publish products after moderation by Store Manager

Infinite scroll

For home page and product listing page there is option to enable infinite scrolling

Cart sync across devices

The items added into cart are automatically synced acroll all logged in devices of the user

Instant search

Search suggestions / instant search Using power of elastic search

Modern JS Stack

Using VueJS, Nuxt, Svelte, Sapper, NodeJS, MongoDB, Webpack, Express

Replace your frontend without backend changes

Attach any store front without changing the server architecture

Bulletproof infrastructure for seasonal traffic peaks like Black Friday

With Horizontal scaling capability handle any traffic surge. The architecture will take care of it gracefully

Cloud hosting

Leverage the power of speed, scalability and availability

Automated backups

Backups are automatically generated everyday giving you peace of mind

static assets served from CDN

Using CDN through out the world static assets are served with a greater speed

Unlimited product variants (color, size etc)

You can attach unlimited number of products, product variants, product features

Unlimited product search filters

Product search results can be narrowed down further using any number of filters

Search terms report

We keep track of all search terms of user for analytics purpose

Retail and Selling price

There is 3 pricing options - Maximum Retail Price, Selling Price

Custom OrderID

Order ID prefix can be choosen from API settings

Inbuilt editable fields for keywords, meta title and description

Each page, product, category, brand has editable keywords, meta title and description fields

SEO optimized themes for better brand presence

Store front has been specially crafted with SEO in mind

Most advanced technology stack

With continuous software update we keep Litekart as par with latest technology enhancement and is free for lifetime

Low Stock Report

Store Manager will get notification of safety stock level

View, edit, create and fulfill orders from admin panel

Order can be created and fulfilled from admin panel

Call Center (phone) order creation

User roles for better store administration

Hierarchy based user roles keeps the abstraction level

Web Services API for easy integration with any third-party application

ReST architecture of litekart integrates easily with third-party plugins

Fully customizable design using templates

Content Management System for Informational Pages

HTML/CSS based static pages can be created from Admin Panel by Store Manager

Google and Fb analytics and pixel integration

Google analytics, facebook pixel can be integrated with just proving the ID

Auto Generate Google Site Map

Google sitemap is automatically generated everyday midnight through a cron job at server

Meta-information for products and categories

As a basic SEO requirement meta product and category information is enabled as per latest SEO standard which can be directly controlled from admin panel

Integrated with Google Analytics

Google Analytics can be configured from Admin panel

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